Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There are many sites out their that give you suggestions of what to wear while running. I’m hear to give you my preference of clothing when I go out running.

1. A light, breathable shirt
It is a good idea to wear a light, breathable shirt like CoolMax, which is a technical fabric that will wick the sweat away from your body. But if you don’t sweat a lot like me, you will be safe with a plain, white undershirt. If its colder go ahead and throw a windbreaker on.

2. Head Protection
Whether it is the coldest of conditions, or the warmest of conditions, wear a hat or beanie. Wear a hat when it’s warm to keep the sun of your face, and to keep the sweat from getting on your face. If it is cold, go ahead and wear a beanie to keep the heat on your head, and to keep the sweat off your face. There is nothing worse than having a cold head while running

3. Watches
It is a good idea to wear a watch on your wrist to check how long you run for. You can buy even the simplest, cheapest one from Target to track your time, or you can buy the $100 watch that keeps track of how far you ran and what pace you ran at. The good thing about the expensive watches is that you can upload your times to the computer. I recommend Nike+.

4. Shorts
Wearing shorts is the most basic piece of a runner’s wardrobe. Usually you would want to wear a loose technical fabric or a nylon to keep the sweat away. It is not a good idea to wear super loose shorts, that will get in your way while running. I recommend shorts that are shorter than your knee. When buying shorts make sure they have elastic or some sort of draw string (you don’t want them falling down). I also wear a type of slider shorts that go over my underwear, to avoid those awkward wedgies. If it is colder make sure to wear appropriate length pants to keep the heat in your body, preferably some type of warm-up pants.

5. (Optional)
Sunscreen- so you are not burned while running, and so you do not have an excuse not to go running next time.
Sunglasses- just to keep the sun out of your eyes

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  1. Right on! I also wear a big smile most of the time.